Reading. A window to the world of migrants and a door to new experiences

KA-229 IES Antonio Gala. Palma del Río (Córdoba)

Objetivo del proyecto

In the context of the project, promoting the acquisition of skills and competences means that pupils will become familiar with and learn to apply reading strategies. This is to result in a more positive attitude towards reading. As reading influences writing skills, the projects also aims at promoting writing. By focusing on the topic of migration, the project aims at promoting a deeper understanding of current European and global problems. Therefore the project will deal with non-fictional texts providing information about migration, and fiction providing insight into individual experiences regarding migration. The individual perspective will be further enhanced by taking into consideration the pupils' own (family) experiences, as migration is an integral part of European (historical) experience. This part of the project is thus linked to the priority of social and educational value of European cultural heritage. Moreover, the individual perspective will be considered in the project by integrating pupils of so-called welcome classes (in the case of the German project partner). This approach is to further promote mutual understanding and tolerance. More general objectives are: improving foreign language and ICT skills. Encountering fellow pupils with a different language background, pupils will intuitively learn to overcome obstacles incommunication. Making pupils aware of this experience and the communication strategies they employ, can be fruitful for the reading process, too.

Main working language: English. Collaboration through the eTwinning platform and other tools will expand pupils’ ICT skills. Working together face-to-face on texts and joint products during project meetings will further increase motivation and stimulate the pupils to do their best while creating joint results and products.

Planned results: 1. A website/magazine presenting all findings and analyses of migrationd evelopments and processes in the countries involved. This includes historical developments as well as current developments. Creating and maintaining the website will be a joint activity of all partners; a team of pupils from each school will be in charge as main editors. 2. Podcasting in a joint workshop: pupils will do research on an aspect agreed on, select, analyse and transform this material, and publish their findings in a podcast, which will be linked to the website/ magazine and also to school websites. For this activity reading is the prerequisite; via podcasting the information acquired through reading will be transformed. 3. Regarding the topic of migration, pupils will produce films and trailers. These films comprise interviews and role plays about individual experiences, customs and culture. In addition, producing a trailer based on fictional texts requires intensive reading, involves interpretation and finally provides evidence of successful reading comprehension.Teachers' benefits: methodology, pedagogical/didactical approaches, culture.

Movilidad 1. Palma del Río

This activity is meant to offer the opportunity for a first face-to-face meeting in order to support future collaboration at its best.

Movilidad 2. Rhodas

Pupils will learn how to create and maintain the project website or a magazine. They will discuss possible sections of the website, thereby reflect on the topics and structure of the project.

Movilidad 3: Berlín

Pupils will take part in a podcasting workshop carried out by a professional radio journalist

Movilidad 4: Jerzykowo

Pupils will take part in an ICT workshop, in which they learn to use an educational computer program based on Scratch programming language.

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