Mr. Adam: Global Studies

Global Studies looks at all of the regions of the world, and their human and physical geography. Physical geography deals with natural features of the earth such a climate, land forms, and bodies of water. Human geography deals with anything humans do, including history, government, economics, and culture.

Teacher Bio:

About me: I have always been interested in studying the world and in global events. I usually have a lot of fun while I teach, and I cannot imagine doing any other job! The only things I love more than social studies are my family and strong dark coffee. I have a wife and two children; a five year old girl, and a two year old boy.


-BA: Creighton University- Political Science /International Relations Major (History Co-Major)

- Post Graduate Work: Metropolitan State University Urban Teacher Program (Graduate Program Teaching Licensure)

-Currently working on Master Thesis for Urban Education in Social Studies and attainment of Masters Degree in Education (all masters coursework completed)

Global Studies Calendars


Stalin Reading.pdf
Questions for Stalin Reading.docx

Below are links to the current rubrics I will use for grading...

Trimester 3 and Trimester 2 rubrics carried over to Trimester 3 to allow for retesting :

PACED Project (paper):

Types of Economies( economic systems):

Production, GDP and Standard of Living:

Europe Human Geography:

Europe Physical Geography:

Old Rubrics for Units ending and being applied to Trimester Two grade (last chance to retest was 3-6-19) :

US and Canada Human Geography:

US and Canada Physical Geography:

Branches of Government:

Democracy and Dictatorship:

Executive Branch Departments:

Old Unit Rubrics that were being used (as Trimester 2 began):

Latin American Human Geography:

Latin American Physical Geography:

Economics Background:

Printable Packets of CURRENT UNIT : Europe and History Classwork!

EU Packet.pdf
Europe Population Dilemmas.pdf
Europe Transboundary Pollution Packet.pdf

Old Soviet Empire Today (aftereffects of Cold War).pdf
2019-Governments of Europe.ppt
2018-The Cold War 1945-1989.pptx

Current Unit Notes packets with Quick-writes!

2019Culturesof Europe-Language Literacy Tradition.pptx
2019 Jigsaw-Europe Physcial Geography.ppt

Previous Unit Quick-writes in Economics Packet Below! Can turn in late throughout Trimester 3! See Retest checklist too for retesting details.

Economics Retest Checklist.docx