Mr. Daniel's

United States History Class

Welcome to 7th Grade Social Studies with Mr. Daniel!

We are studying U.S. History from 1800 to the Present with a focus on current events. Students will learn the basics of Social Studies including Geography, Economics, and Civics. Parents and students should expect to have a weekly reading and writing assignment for homework, and assignments will be posted on this website and will often be completed online using Google Classroom.

Our advisory class will focus on current events and government, as students research articles and practice note taking and essay writing.

Mr. Daniel meeting Ilhan Omar at a campaign event!

Weekly Plan

    • "Cold War" Flocabulary Packet due Monday February 4th
    • Learning goals, February 4th - 8th
      • I can identify military and non-military actions taken by the United States during the Cold War to resist the spread of communism.
      • Textbook Chapter 12: The Cold War
      • Notes and Vocabulary review due Thursday 2/07