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What many others do

What we offer

They give linguists little of your money, so they reduce the service quality.

They pass many of their tasks on to a second agency, so they do little for their clients.

They recruit linguists superficially, so unpleasant surprises are in store.

We pay linguists one the largest shares of the clients' money.

We fulfill all the tasks. You pay the reasonable number of people.

We use a reliable procedure to recruit linguists, which shows e.g. how talented and knowledgeable they are.

They test some linguists more than once.

We are sure when we choose a linguist and we record communication and operations, so we don't need to repeat testing.

They place your order mostly with whichever linguist accepts it.

They hardly use any software beside e-mail, don't use the best software, or their software environment needs much improvement.

We choose the most appropriate professionals and you have a say in this.

We have installed and configured carefully some of the best applications for communication, business management and translation.