While we work according to more complex and detailed procedures, we mention here some things we do:

  • listen to you so that we understand your goal and context.
  • choose together with you the people who help you achieve your goal.
  • choose together with you these people's roles.
  • agree on deliverables and the delivery schedule.
  • assign tasks to these people.
  • review our services together with you.
  • listen to you so that we understand your new context and next goal.

To receive information from you

We manage information in databases and workflows.

We recommend this first step to get someone to work for / with you: communicate your goal(s).

We listen to, and read, your words and help you connect your information with ours, e.g. we write for you in our databases or we integrate into them your already recorded information, and let you view and discuss with us this content in Podio.

To pay us

We share an invoice with you so that you can let its data flow into your software environment.

We accept electronic transfers e.g. to our bank account. We use international financial services, so that it is easy for you to transfer the money in any of a large number of currencies.