We recruit in many languages.

You can ask us e.g. to:

1. get to know your team and find suitable new members.

We've seen agencies require candidates to master Perl. We can also make it probable that your employees will get along. Team cohesion influences your profit from, and satisfaction with, your business.

We talk with candidates, so your money buys more than CV readers.

We analyze their social profiles, which shows that we live in the present and acquire important knowledge of the past.

We manage large databases that allow us to analyze data carefully.

2. make it probable that your new team member provides a certain value.

Some agencies mostly calculate experience because of its psychological weight. We find your employees' work weightier than the agent's psyche, so we focus on starting between you and your employee a relationship that brings the desired results.

3. help you conclude work agreements.

We help you provide in your agreement e.g. for the employee's safety, insurance, and non-discrimination. Such things influence their motivation to support your business goals.

4. help relocating employees to use local services, e.g. to find accommodation.