for business

You can ask us to help you manage your communication.

1. using quality assurance procedures

We can help you use procedures by which you e.g.:

1.1 maintain a good linguistic quality of your messages.

1.2 ensure a high degree of clarity.

1.3 avoid things that would hurt a participant, e.g. that would hurt your image.

1.4 keep redundancy at a necessary level.

2. using also people

If you receive more messages than you can process, you can task our people to handle a part of your communication while you keep control of your entire communication.

You can ask us to point out which of your contacts benefit you most over a certain period of time, which can both increase your revenue and reduce the cost of your communication.

You can pay us e.g. a percentage of your net revenue caused by the communication handled by them. Because our communicators are only one of the factors that influence this revenue, you can negotiate with us the lower limit of your payment to be the product of man-hours and a low hourly fee.

for you spare time

From here it's easy to find a conversation partner.

You write us and we:

1. offer a partner for Internet calls.

Their charges differ, so many people can afford this service.

2. provide communication software.

It includes a function to start / join a call with people who meet your criteria, e.g. they are free when you are (maybe within the hour), and share a language with you.


We provide online and offline audience for tellers of true tales.

We record them.

With the tellers' agreement and cooperation, we write scripts based on the most popular tales and use them to shoot films.

We pay tellers 10% of the net revenue from their films.