away from home

Let us know where you're going and we'll help you reckon with your host.

With us you can discover beautiful people, original buildings, and refreshing neighborhoods.

We don't see noise level discussed much in the hotel industry. Do you like silent nights?

Would you like to stay with people who share your music preferences?

What about enjoying a rich and savory breakfast?

We let you communicate fully with potential hosts.

For those who don't have a home.

We match requests for shelter with offers to host homeless people.

We help both parties conclude agreements.

The following can be minimal provisions:

The host undertakes to allow their guest to use their source of water and their toilet, and to sleep on their property.

The host must charge very little. The guest may limit the rent to the lowest value they find in the host's town.

Guests can pay in money and services.

In exchange for our support we ask for the money listed below, which is meant to cover our expenses. If any money is left over, we'd use it to improve this service together with you, e.g. by reducing these fees.

Service fees

To register a request: USD 8

To register an offer: USD 11

To search for an offer: USD 9 per hour

To help you conclude an agreement: USD 12 per hour