about Us

Hi, my name is Elliot Sefaradi and I have a masters degree in 7 - 12 mathematics education. Even though I have a degree in mathematics education, I always love computer science. I can show you that because in college the electives that I took for fun was Lego robotics and C++ a computer language.

I have been teaching mathematics for over 7 + years mainly 6th and 9th grades. I am seen as a highly effective teacher in DOE school system. I was able to adapt to the common core mathematics standards fast because of my high level questioning and rigorous problem base teaching style. With these skills it has helped me transition over to computer science very easily.

I have taken many professional development courses since I have became a teacher to further my knowledge of both math and CS. I am most proud of being part Algebra 4 all, Connected Mathematics Project -3 summer Institute and CS4ALL. These PDs helped define me as a teacher today. They taught me how to make classroom student center, use Computational Thinking, and how to change students from fixed minded set to a growth.