School Leadership Team (SLT)

Notice of Meeting

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The fundamental purpose of the school leadership team is to determine the school’s educational direction – that is, the school’s overall educational vision, its goals and priorities, the strategies that will be used to achieve that vision and the alignment of resources to accomplish those strategies. To be effective, the team will need to develop a culture in which there is a shared goal for all children to achieve high levels of learning and a spirit of partnership among all constituencies to achieve this goal. The primary responsibility of the SLT is to create, develop, review and assess the school’s Comprehensive Education Plan.

• Develop the Comprehensive Education Plan (CEP)

• Shape path to a collaborative school culture

• Develop school-based educational policies aligned with the school-based budget

• Work in a collaborative manner to understand and evaluate effect on student achievement

  • Time: 5:15p
  • Room 102

1. Mon, 10/16/2017

2. Mon, 11/13/2017

3. Mon, 12/11/2017

4. Mon, 01/22/2018

5. Mon, 02/12/2018

6. Mon, 03/12/2018

7. Mon, 04/16/2018

8. Mon, 05/14/2018

9. Mon, 06/04/2018

Dates are subject to change

1. Elizabeth Beck:

2. Sergelyde Gaudin: Parent

3. Norman Gayle: Parent

4. Karina Gonzalez: Parent

5. Barry Kevorkian: Principal

6. Amy Mathis: UFT Chapter

7. Maryanne Purtill: SLT Chair /

8. Villard Richmond: PTA

9. Jessica Ruiz: SLT Secretary / DC37

10. Marielena Santiago: CSA

11. Dawn Torres: Parent

12. Monique Williams-Batrony: Parent

School Leadership Team Minutes

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February 2018

January 2018

December 2017

November 2017

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