Respect For All Liaison

K. Muscarella

Room 345

718-941-5450 ext3452

Student/Parent Guide Concerning Bullying/Harassment Complaints

1. Report the incident to the Respect for All (RFA) liaison(s) and/or school administration.

2. Parents should request the incident number (also known as Online Occurrence Reporting System (OORS) number) from school administration for follow up.

3. The school will investigate and must advise the parents of the complaining student of the outcome of the investigation.

4. Where appropriate, the complaining student may be referred for support services.

5. Students who have been found to have engaged in bullying or harassment will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action pursuant to the Department of Education’s Discipline Code.


Respect For All Week will kick off on National No One Eats Alone Day on February 9, a nationwide lunchtime event during which students are encouraged to connect and engage with their peers in order to combat social isolation.Note that all schools are encouraged to participate in this event. And please take part in our Know Your Classmates during the month of October and Call It Out Day on April 27th,thank you.

February 12-15, 2018 is Respect For All (RFA) Week in all NYC public schools.During this week, schools have the opportunity to highlight and build upon ongoing diversity programs and curriculum-based instruction. Schools also have the opportunity to embark upon new initiatives that promote respect for diversity and engage students in meaningful lessons and/or other activities that focus on preventing bias-based harassment, intimidation and/or bullying.