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This is the DNN Video of News 12 Brooklyn visit to Ditmas JHS - 11/2018

Thank You Nicole!

Hello again, Nicole. Today was awesome. I had so much fun! I’m so excited to be on the News. Wait not only “news,” “The News,” “ News 12.” We did many things, record, interview, and have fun. I loved the camera being on me as I had the camera on you. I learned so much from you. That you don’t always have to be serious like a robot, you can have a personality. Again thank you, today was the best.


Shohjahon S

Dear Nicole Ryan,

Thank you so much for coming into Ditmas. I had so much fun today! Thank you for coming into our school and interviewing us. We really enjoyed all the fun things we did today! I hope you come another time! We loved it. Thank you so much!


Paige F.

Omar Ahmed

Being with a real professional newscaster was a great experience. It allowed me to compare our smaller news network to yours. This gave me a lot of insight on how we could improve DNN and how we edit . I also loved the opportunity to show the world something that I love to do which is DNN and editing. I had lots of fun being in DNN and I want the world to know how great it is that we do it in this school. I was not that nervous and I think I did well on camera. I hope I get more opportunities like this in the future and continue to work on editing.

Today was a very exciting day. It is a day that I might never forget in my life. I was very nervous about being on TV. Finally after all the hard work that was put into filming and editing paid off. We were going to be filmed and that was going to aired. We got to meet a professional newscaster which was interesting because I am very new to this. I like that DNN will be publicized because this way more people will want to send their kids here. I was nervous but when I was asked to be filmed, I was up on my feet and I knew exactly what to do. It went fine. I got to skip a few classes as well which was pretty good. We also had a really good time. Almost the whole DNN crew was here. Our main editor wasn’t here but I did ok without him because our co editor was still there. I wish I could do this more often but I will be graduating next year. DNN will always have a place in my head and I hope DNN the best.


Today I experienced something that I never thought I’d experience. That is being with an actual news reporter. I’ve always seen the news and the reporter on tv and all but I’ve never been behind the scenes with them. We’ve filmed many DNN episodes and I’ve always been behind the camera recording or taking pictures. Later on it’d go up on our Ditmas website or be seen in the auditorium. I can't believe what we filmed today will be on actual television. Taking all those pictures during the day was amazing. I loved it.

I learned a lot from this as well. Nicole, the NEWS12 news reporter, took time out to come here to Ditmas to see what has been happening. Not only that but she also was talking about her experience as a news reporter and how there’s not many women news reporters. That gave me some confidence that in high school I can do something photography related. Photography always has been a hobby of mine. Whenever I see anything anywhere that attracts me, if not with camera, I’ll take pictures with my phone. So being here in DNN, gives me a head start. So for her precious time, I want to thank her. I also want to DNN as well. GO BULLDOGS!

Today was a great experience for me. Our DNN team was great at doing their jobs. Nicole, the news person answered questions and she was interviewed by us. Growing up, I watched News 12 a lot and I never really thought that I’d get to know an actual news reporter. This whole event was to interview us, students to get to know the program. We shot a few stories, interviewed people, edited and took a great deal of pictures. Our story was on November, the month of Generosity and how our school is contributing to the cause.

We interviewed teachers who are making a difference one “CAN” at a time with canned food drives and teachers who are donating toiletries to the shelter. Afterwards, two students showed Nicole how they edit. I and my peer were taking pictures of ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING. I would like to thank my teachers in DNN and my peers. My teacher Mr.Carideo for teaching me to edit; Mr.Downes, who helped us write out our story ideas and questions, and Mr.Sefaradi for being the technical person. They taught me everything I know about DNN.

I would also like thank the news person Nicole for making this an unforgettable day. She was so sweet and she answered a few questions that I had about News 12 Brooklyn and her job in general. When Nicole told me about her working at News 12 for approximately 10 years, it showed dedication and commitment in her job. This experience taught me to widen my career options for the future and take different careers into consideration like journalism and editing. I learned so much today and it was really fun. Hope I get to do this more.

-can’t wait to watch NEWS 12 BROOKLYN on the 21st-

“New 12 Brooklyn, as local as news gets”

-Nozima Asrorova;)

Today Nicole , the newscaster from channel 12 interviewed the Ditmas DNN students. I interviewed many children regarding their opinions of the topic on generosity. Nicole recorded us and conducted interviews on the many aspects surrounding the process of DNN. As a child I grew up watching a lot of channel 12 . Now, seeing the different jobs required for just a simple broadcast blows my mind. Nicole discussed how she learned all of these jobs.She interviewed everyone , recorded everything and edited all of the footage herself. This showed me a great perspective towards news broadcasting. She is awesome!


Dear Nicole,

This is Fiolla Z from Ditmas IS 62. I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for coming to our school. I was very nervous at first to meet you but as I got to know you, I got more comfortable talking . You remind me a lot of myself. Personally I was a very shy little girl in 6th grade but by the time 6th grade was over I was very outgoing. I am very social and love making new friends. I am so thankful for our DNN teachers. They have found something in me that I would have never seen in myself. I believe every school should be able to have this project. Everyone should experience the greatness of DNN. Thank you again for coming. Hope to see you again soon! Good luck on editing!