Parent Wellness

Cornell University Presents Parent Wellness @ Ditmas

Adopting Healthy Habits: Education in ACTION!

Starting Tuesday, January 9, 2018 Cornell University's Cooperative Extension NYC will be presenting FREE wellness classes for parents through their Expanded Food Nutrition Education Program or (EFNEP); this nutrition and health program puts education into action to help families lead healthier lives. Community educators help participants embrace nutrition and health messages from USDA dietary guidelines and Lessons include - but are not limited to:

  • Basic Nutrition, Portion Size, Food Safety, Menu Planning, Food Shopping & Budgeting, Food Preparation, Feeding Children, Physical Activity & more!

Join the Fun

Participants will prepare nutritious and delicious recipes, and taste new foods! Parents who complete 6-8 sessions will receive a certificate from Cornell University's Cooperative Extension.

Space is limited but stay tuned for more languages!

Unfortunately, space is limited, and so the first twenty (20) English speaking parents who sign up and commit to all eight calendar dates & times will be selected to participate. However, additional classes will be offered for our Bangla, Hindi & Urdu speaking families - please stay tuned for further workshop dates!

Your family health will improve 100%!

To sign up, please contact Marilyn Aybar, your Parent Coordinator @ 347.563.4545 or, use the form below or follow the link!

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Wellness for Parents