Starting high school in fall 2020?

2019 Family Workshops Flyer_English.pdf

Starting high school in fall 2020? Current seventh grade students and their families are welcome to attend the Department of Educations's high school admissions family workshops in June.

This year’s workshops will take place in June. At the workshops, families can learn about the high school application and learn about admissions to the Specialized High Schools all in one place. Families can also speak to representatives from the Specialized High Schools at each event.

* Workshops will include:

* Building a balanced high school application

* Finding NYC high schools that fit their child’s interests

* Information about the Specialized High Schools Admissions Test (SHSAT)

* Information about LaGuardia High School auditions

Dates, locations, workshop times, and the registration survey are on our website: schools.nyc.gov/High.

Register now for a 2019 high school admissions family workshop event and arrival time.

Learn more about these events.

For more information about high school admissions, families should review the online directory in MySchools as well as the official Department of Education High School website, schools.nyc.gov/High. For questions, email High School Enrollment at HSEnrollment@schools.nyc.gov.

Translated Flyers

2019 Family Workshops Flyer_English.pdf
2019 Family Workshops Flyer_Arabic.pdf
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