Events 2018 -2019

"Student Quotes"

This has been such a positive week!

I can't wait till next year - 6th grade

So cool. These are the moments I'll remember

about Ditmas. - 7th grade APVA

We are all united in one belief. The belief that we can all respect each other. - 8th grade LCS

(702) - "I think that school spirit day is a positive thing. I'd like to see more activities."

(780) "It's a fun day about how we are sharing school spirits with all the Acadamies." - Yaremka

(606) - It's a good way for people to show they support Ditmas - Mr. Marotta

(608) It helps our school become better and shows how awesome it is! - Hashom

The Ditmas News Network is a combination of :

-Video Newscasts - The Bulldog Buzz Newspaper -The Voice of Ditmas - Podcasting Station

Congratulation Room 131A for 6th Grade Door Decoration!

Senior Trip to Virginia!