Sixth Grade

Exploratory Academy

The 6th Grade Exploratory Academy is dedicated to the academic and social achievement for middle school success. It is a fundamental year where our students are offered the opportunity to explore many different facets to the educational process.

All classes are structured so that our children are thinking critically, inquiry-driven, and active learners. In this academy, we provide ample opportunities for our students to thrive socially and emotionally through chorus, law, STEM & STEAM Programs, and talent. In addition to our college and career readiness curriculum, “Virtue of the Month” is in place to help students elude positivity, kindness, and self-awareness.

​ As 6th graders new to the building, our teachers and staff are nurturing as we understand the adolescent obstacles that all of our children face on a daily basis. As they leave the 6th grade and move on to the next academy in Ditmas, they move forward as enthusiastic learners well-prepared for their future.

Incoming Sixth Graders