Stock Market Game

The Stock Market Game has been a Ditmas tradition since 2010.

Ditmas is putting a premium in Financial Literacy.

Spring 2018 Awards

  • There are 9 classes participating in the StockMarketGame.

- Eight 6th Grade Classes and One 7th Grade Class

  • Top Team in each class will be awarded a Medal.
  • All participants will receive a Certificate of Achievement.
  • The Class with the highest average winnings will hoist the TOP TROPHY!


Read one article a week on Finance

and summarize it in Google Classroom.

Vocabulary: (Entire List)

  • Financial Literacy - Being able to read and understand how finances work.
  • Stock Market - A place were we can buy and sell shares of a company.
  • Stocks - Own part of a company.
How I learned to read -- and trade stocks -- in prison _ Curtis 'Wall Street' Carroll.mp4