DNN Theatre is a School News program that delivers the news live with recorded segments.

All Need Google Certification

Google Docs (Share)

Google Slides

Google E-mail

Google Sites

  • Web Master

Managing a Story

Completed credit hours for all trades.

Operational Certificate

How to Operate a Camera

How to Trouble Shoot a Camera

Art of Filming Video / (Lighting & Stability)

Sound Engineer - Operational Mic

(Separate Certificate for Audio Engineer)

Journalism Experience

Writing a Story

Trade Work

  • Writing Staff - Every Story must be written first in Newspaper Form - Published Stories Awards
  • Camera Operator - Certification
  • Sound Engineer - Certification
  • Computer Files Transfer Specialist - Certification
  • On Air Personalities - Certification
  • Social Media Specialist (Web Site and Advertising)

Future General Stories

Dynamic Stories

Rubiks Cube Contest (fastest)

3.14 - Pie Day Contest (Memorized #)

Selected Best Poetry Contest -Perform

Fashion - What is hot! Few kids Show off.

Building Stories

The Science Lab

Facts about the Auditorium

Why do we have alarms?

PTA Information

Classroom Stories

Eyes on Classes - A special look into what students are learning in selected classes.

Stock Market Game

Every After School program

    • About classes going on after school.
    • Saturday Program




Showcase the Talents


Showcase Community Service

A story on all Talents including a snip-it of each presentation.

  • Art
  • Keyboard
  • Dance
  • Band

Story and Mock Trial or Theater from LCS

Getting ready for LAW DAY!


1. Flu prevention stop spread research and discuss coat jacket scarf washing and interview kids on family cures or dishes they get when they stay home sick

2.I AM SO NOT Sorry on air poetry or hip hop slam TAKE 2 OR 3 BEST carideo student poems have them or DNN kids perform short seg contest other classes send in and Lindamichelle can judge best real poet

3. Future star kids audition 90 sec singer or dancer or musician

4. vegetarian lunches or ethnic food choices yea nay why

5.hug a puppy therapy dogs ideas of kids for minimizing tension before and during test taking to come what could school do

6. Dream immigration kids born here and their views plus their families and what if their parents have no path to citizenship

7. Feature on DITMAS staff who went to DITMAS and their memories of it then and why back Lauren Osborne Fernandez math teacher who had held many of these had Barry as teacher or so or dean or other teachers still here

9.past anchors help current kids Jannatul Ross May be Sean Junior OTHERS REALLY SWEET PLUS HOW THEY MOVED ON

10. Fads gadgets trends fashion game tips next fidget spinners SO Last YEAR So next year

11. Sports reporter

All of Ditmas Stories

1) Duffy

2) How did the ELA and Math Test go for each grade?

3) Why do we have fire alarms?

4) Who made HS

5) Student walk out - 2nd Amendment conversation

6) NY removes signs from buildings

7) The tree on each floor representing ??

8) Sports

9) Painting the Hallways

10) Eating together in the cafeteria

11) Alejandro - Smoking

12 After School Robotics

6th Grade Stories

1) Brain story - Complete

2) Gym Story - Complete

3) Stock Market Game Winner


5) Ditmas Radio Station

6) Butterflys in Carcione


APVA Stories


1) School Phobia Story - Complete