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<Cyber Essentials/>

The Basics: Google Education Apps. Docs, Portfolio, Slides, Cyber Ethics...

<Computer Science 101/>

Using Algorithms and Block Coding to create interactive games and presentations.

<Write On!/>

Journalism, Poetry, Play Writing, Comic Books, PSA and more writing using various platforms.

<Audio Engineering/>

Recording Podcast and conversations that showcase student work and ideas.

<Ditmas News Network/>

News for the students by the students. Video Editing, writing, acting and producing. New: Photography

<Stock Market Game/>

Connect students to the global economy with virtual investing-real-world learning.


2017-2018 Robotics Champs!

<Phys-Ed Programs/>

Student Government

Run for student council and see if you can make a difference, meet diverse opinions, and improve student life!

Student Competitions

Spelling Bees, Pi-Day, Science Showcases, More!

Computer Science Curriculum 2018-2019

Physical Computing

STEAM Curriculum 6th Grade 2018-2019

Unit 2 - Email


2017 Portal


Self-Support Quick Card.pdf

Creative Computing

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