To sign an agreement with Identiway you need to sign the Master Agreement below and email it to The agreement consists of a Service specification updated from time to time (the SaaS Service) and four exhibits. By signing the Master Agreement you agree to the provisions of the specification and exhibits.


  1. Fees (Included in Master Agreement File)
  2. General Terms and Conditions, Cloud Services
  3. Service Levels for Cloud Services
  4. Basic Principles of Business Ethics

Master Agreement - This is the only document that needs signing

Identiway Master Agreement incl Exhibit 1.pdf

Service Specification (does not require signing)

Identiway Specification 20190526.pdf

Swedish IT and Telecom Industries' Standards: Exhibit 2 - General Terms Cloud Service, Exhibit 3 - Service Levels for Cloud Services, and Exhibit 4 - Ethics (none require sign)

Exhibit 3 Swedish IT & Telecom Industries' Standard Service Levels.pdf
Exhibit 2 Swedish IT & Telecom Industries' General Terms and Conditions Cloud Computing 2014.pdf
Exhibit 4 Swedish IT & Telecom Industries' Basic Principles of Business Ethics 2014.pdf