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Hi, we're iDEA - workplace design specialists. 👋

People choose us when they have a hunch their workplace isn't working. We help identify and explain where change is needed, and what form it should take. 

Whether it's an office block, or a recording studio, a warehouse, a teaching space, a hospital or an engineering workshop; we've spent the last 30 years perfecting the art of  solving space.  

How we do it

From BBC to RAF we've planned, penned and perfected some of the UK's best workplace interiors 

Our expertise in visual communication means we've got the knack of making complex, simple (and beautiful)  

We've nurtured a talented team of developers who've created industry-leading applications 

Our vast combined knowledge of the workplace sector has proved us the go-to for estates briefing 

See for yourself


Balancing innovative technology ecosystems with human centric spaces

The University of Manchester

Redesigning pilot spaces to test appetite for post-covid working

Smart Green Shipping

Embracing the winds of change

Old Admiralty Building

100 years in the making

University of East London

Redesigning pilot spaces to test appetite for post-covid working

BNY Mellon

Creating a flagship workplace to act as a global facility

Royal College of Art

Painting the picture of a new flexible academic model

Small Woods

A new identity for a new audience


A new HQ to match their refreshed ambitions

Lost in space? 

Over the years we have developed several industry-leading applications that help us to solve our client’s challenges.

Helping you to answer the big questions:


Develop or demolish

Work Spaces

Renovate or


Animated or  ambivalent? 

What can we help you with?

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Why we work

We’re a close-knit collective of creative-thinkers who exclusively use great design as our problem-solving tool. Whether it’s coding, crafting, filming or furnishing - we’ve got the talent to make spaces work. 

These are the values we hold dear. Our non-negotiables. What makes us who we are and shapes the way we work  

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