Sprinkler Turn-ons

Pressurize system, clean main filters, run all zones and make adjustments as needed. Make minor repairs if needed, and schedule out repairs that might go beyond the time allotted for the turn-on.

$55 (+materials if needed) up to 40 min. Hourly irrigation maintenance charge after that.

Sprinkler Repairs

Diagnose and repair issues with the irrigation system.

$75 for the first 40 min. $75 per hour after that.

Sprinkler System Maintenance

Scheduled regular maintenance for the sprinkler system

$75 per hour

Sprinkler Winterization

Starting at $45. Pricing goes up depending on size of system/amount of time needed

Horticultural Consulting

$85 per hour. Topics including: design, plant materials, plant health, disease diagnostics, irrigation issues, landscape renovation, etc...


$85 per hour. Landscape pruning and cleanup services- pricing will include debris removal in many instances.

General landscape labor

$75 per hour in most cases, or willing to work out a bid per job.

Work including: landscape renovations, plant removal, planting, hardscape work, edging, sod, etc...

Pesticide Applications

Pricing varies per job and our availability for limited specialty services.