Alt lender

your alternative lender.

You have pressing cash needs for whatever reason. Fill out the one-minute online application. Choose your loan terms. Bring your token. Get your money instantly deposited into your Venmo or Cash App account. Typical loan terms are $50 - $2,500+ with payback being one week to over a year. $50 Loan fee. 1% per month interest rate (12% per year).

Ongoing Offer. Payback loan within a month and pay only a $50 loan fee and no interest!

No credit checks, ever. Every loan is interest-free for the first month. Can't pay back your loan? You'll forfeit your token and you can walk away with no collections, no hurt credit, no burnt bridges. You can always borrow again with Alt Lender with another token.


The typical loan application response time is 48 hours. For return borrowers, no application is necessary.


All loans are tokenized. Tokens always exceed the value of the loan. Tokens can be almost anything of value. Loan to Token Value is typically 10-50%.

Typical Tokens

  • Gift Cards

  • Gold & Silver Coins

  • Firearms


If you miss your payment or walk away from the loan, your token will be used as a settlement of the loan. You'll never go to collections, your credit will never be damaged, and you can always get another loan from Alt Lender with another token.

How a typical $500 2-month loan works. The token is a 1 troy-ounce Gold American Eagle.

  1. Online Application > Approved.

  2. Schedule a time to drop off the token.

  3. Loan disbursement is immediate into your Venmo or Cash App account, once the token is received.

  4. The first payment is due in a month from the loan disbursement of $280 paid back using your Venmo account.

  5. The second payment of $280 is due in two months from the loan disbursement. The total cost of the loan to you is only $60. Which consists of a $50 loan fee and $10 of interest. With the loan paid off, you get your token back.

In this example, if $550 was paid within the first month, there would be no interest.

If the first or subsequent loan repayment didn't happen by the due date, the loan is settled with the token. No collections, no damaged credit, no burnt bridges.