Cassandra Rosa


I am excited to be part of IACS family! Teaching is my new journey and I am thrilled to take on this exciting part of my life! My two amazing children and supportive husband were my motivation for following my dream of teaching. This is my first year of officially teaching, but I have been in the educational field for five years and have had the opportunity to co-teach in various aspects of development; general education, special education, gifted programs, and speech pathology. I obtained my Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education at the University of Phoenix. My goal is to fulfill students with the same passion for learning and drive to be successful as I carry. I am enthusiastic about exploring the world through Arts and STEM learning!

"The goal of education is not to increase the amount of knowledge, but to create the possibilities for child to invent and discover, to create men that are capable of doing new things (Jean Piaget)." It is my goal to teach students to love learning through engagement and exploration. For students to become aware of their strengths and realize all the opportunities they can uncover through determination and self discipline.

I look forward to a fulfilling and successful year for myself and my students!

** Mrs. Rosa’s Newsletter Vol 6 **

We had a fun week and look forward to

This week of learning!


*Fees- $11. If you have not had the chance, please turn in your student’s Art and Scholastic News Fees as soon as possible.

*Pop Tabs and Box Tops- The students are collecting box tops classroom supplies and pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald Housing Charity. This is an easy way for students to give back to their community and help providing housing for families when loved ones are receiving medical attention. There is more information at


*Volunteer Opportunities- I have created a google excel for parents to easily sign up for volunteer times within the class. The dates are ready through Thanksgiving break. You can add your name to the time(s) that work best for you by following the link below. Thank you tons for helping! Every little bit helps so much :)

*Math- We have wrapped up three digit addition and subtraction within place values, but this concept can still be practiced at home. We will now introduce multiplication, area, and arrays! Please continue to help your students with prior Vocabulary- difference, partitioning, decomposing, composing, regrouping, and iterating, partial differences, estimation and rounding. I will share new vocabulary as it is introduced :)

*Reading- We are still practicing summarizing stories and asking questions while we read to deepen comprehension. Challenge your child by asking them to create a book buzz and to share characters, events, and connections in books they read. We are adding identifying character traits and deeper predicting skills to our learning :)

*Wish List- 10 small bags of candy for the Trunk or Treat


*Coming events-

*No School- October 25th & 26th

*Conferences- October 24th- 4pm to 8pm and October 25th- 8am to 8pm

*Newsletter is posted on my school website, as well :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Cassandra Rosa