Idaho Arts Charter School Bands

About Me

My name is Mr. Harris and I am excited to begin my first year at Idaho Arts Charter School! I grew up in a small town in Illinois called Farmer City. After high school, I moved to Peoria, Illinois where I attended Bradley University. While at Bradley, I performed on soprano clarinet, bass clarinet, and alto saxophone in their wind bands, symphony orchestra, and jazz band. In addition to performing in large ensembles, I composed or performed nearly two dozen chamber and solo works. I am currently completing my Master's Degree in Music Education at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. U of I (not to be confused with Idaho's U of I) is the birth place of the school band movement. John Philip Sousa left his archives and personal belongings to the university in the hope of inspiring future band directors. When I lived in Illinois, I regularly performed with the Prairie Wind Ensemble and Central Illinois Jazz Orchestra.

I taught band, choir, and general music for six years in Illinois. During that time, I gained a world of experience guiding, mentoring, and teaching 3rd graders through seniors. I'm very excited to focus my energy on concert band and jazz band! Even though I'm an Illinois Native, I have dreamed about living in the Treasure Valley since I was a child. The foothills, Snake River, and mint fields have been calling my name for as long as I can remember and I am happy to finally call it my home. Along with teaching music, I enjoy riding my bike (the Black Mamba), playing video games, getting lost in nature, and playing music with my brother.


These websites will serve as an overview of the band program. You will find useful information about performances, academic expectations, and supplies lists. The day to day activities of the band should be monitored through each groups Google Classroom page. These pages can only be accessed by people with e-mail addresses. Parents and guardians who want to access the Google Classroom should ask their students to invite them to the page or simply have the student log in and share a screen!



phone: (208) 463-4324 ext. 429