Welcome to ICS Addis

We are excited you are joining our community!

ICS is open with on campus learning, with any necessary COVID protocols. The Campus Playbook, with details about the COVID protocols, is available HERE.

There are pages for each division (Early Years, Grades 1-5, Middle School and High School) and a page to get connected with the ICS community through social media and to make personal connections with our ambassadors.

Starting School in 2021-22

The 2021-22 school year started on 25 August 2021, with new family orientation events in the days prior to the first day.

Families starting school after the first day must contact the Admissions Office to plan for their arrival and first day of school.

Each school division and our Health Office provided new family information sessions. The recordings are available HERE.

COVID Protocols and Arriving in Addis Ababa

All non-vaccinated people who have traveled outside of Ethiopia in the past 14 days must complete 7 days of quarantine and have a negative PCR test on the 7th day before coming to campus. Testing locations listed HERE.

Campus Playbook: detailed COVID protocols HERE.


  • Everyone entering the ICS campus must wear a mask and have a temperature check/hand wash at the gate.

  • Only employees and students may enter the campus.

  • We are monitoring the health situation in Ethiopia and will adjust our protocols as needed to ensure a safe environment on campus for our students and staff.

  • We encourage eligible parents and students to get vaccinated, if at all possible; our staff are doing the same. This is the best pathway to a safe on campus learning experience for our community!

To Do List: Before and After Your Arrival in Addis

Before Arriving in Addis

  • Notify Admissions of your arrival date and expected school start date. Note the 7 day quarantine and PCR testing requirements for unvaccinated individuals.

  • Submit final report cards and/or official transcripts (for high school students); documents can be emailed directly from your current school

  • Join the ICS Addis Community Facebook group and the ICS Official Telegram channel.

After Arriving in Addis

  • Submit Family Contact Update on your OpenApply Checklist or provide one or more local contact numbers to the Admissions Office if the form cannot yet be fully completed.

  • Have your photo taken for your parent ID.

  • Submit ID form and police clearance for household staff (driver, nanny, etc)

  • Students using school laptops (middle school) must deposit 4500 birr with the cashier. Students using their own laptops must bring their laptops to register on the ICS network.

  • Students in middle and high school must pay a 2000 birr instrument rental fee to use an ICS instrument.

Essential All School Information

Calendar: August to June school year calendar. The 2021-22 school year calendar is available HERE.

School Days: Monday through Friday.

School Hours:

EY5-Grade 12 and EY3/EY4 Full Day:

  • 8:00 AM to 3:20 PM on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

  • 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM on Wednesdays

EY2-EY4 Half Day:

  • 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM, Monday through Friday


  • ICS has an on-campus cafeteria for students in early years 3/4 full day and early years 5 (EY5) to grade 12.

  • Pre-packed lunches must be pre-ordered the week before (by Thursday evening).

  • Elementary school pre-order HERE

  • Middle and high school pre-order HERE

After School Activities

Our COVID protocols determine the offerings in our activity program in the 2021-22 school year.

Elementary School: 2021-22 Season 1 offerings

Middle and High School: 2021-22 Season 1 offerings

Overview of After School Activities and Athletics

  • After school activities (ASAs) are available for students in EY5 through grade 12 and include clubs, activities and athletics.

  • Registration for ASAs is online and new families will receive an email from SchoolsBuddy, our ASA system, to sign up and request to join activities.

  • Season 1 ASAs start in early September with indoor activities, at the end of the rainy season, Season 2 starts in January and Season 3 starts in March. More information on ASAs, click HERE.

  • (prior to COVID): Students fluent in a language other than English may be able to join our Mother Tongue Maintenance Program, which runs for one hour on Wednesday afternoons. Mother tongue groups are run by parent volunteers, and we usually have about 20 different groups.

  • Private music tutors are available, with a list of options HERE.

School Store

The ICS School Store carries a range of stationery items as well as ICS gear.

The store is open for online orders and parents can pick up their pre-ordered items at the Parent Marketplace. Middle and high school students can buy items at the store during the school day between 1:00 and 2:00 PM.

Parent Library Access

Search our library catalog HERE and check out physical or e-books!

To request physical books, send the name of the book or a screenshot of your selection to library@icsaddis.org. They will send the book home with your child.

Families are welcome to check out e-books through Sora at any time. Instructions on how to download and access Sora are HERE.

To set up your ICS parent or student account in Sora, email help.desk@icsaddis.org with your full name and our IT Team will assist you.

Health Office

The ICS Health Office is staffed by three full time nurses, including our Chief Medical Officer Krista Haley. You may reach out to the Health Office at any time on health.office@icsaddis.org.