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Mrs. Foley

Grade 3

Next Week: November 26-30

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Friday-Out of Dress Code Day

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Santa Help-

Last week at school I heard some student’s chatting about Santa. Third grade is a tricky year. Some students know about Santa and some student still believe in Christmas magic. If your student already knows about Santa will you please have a discussion with them about not sharing their knowledge with others at school. I just want to give those who still have the Christmas magic a bit more time.

Snow Clothes

If you could send snow pants and snow boots with your student that would be great! I tell the kids that they need both to go in snow. If they only have boots they can go in wood chips and cement and if they have neither they have to stay on the cement.

2 Hour Delay

On the days of 2 hour delays the school will not be open until 10:00. There is not AM Program in the morning.