Mrs. Ney's Fifth Grade

Welcome to 5th grade and Mrs. Ney's classroom!

Important Information! Regina Elementary is closed to students until April 13th due to the COVID-19 virus. Please check your school email regularly for updated information from Regina.


Mrs. Christine Ney

Welcome to our Fifth Grade website. Check out all the great things we are doing in 5th grade!

April Notes

Please make sure to check back often or check your email to stay updated on our classroom happenings.

Have a peaceful and blessed Holy Week.


Dear Regina Families,

As many of you know and are experiencing we are in the middle of historic times. Please make sure to keep informed by checking your email and my webpage. I will try to keep this updated as new information comes out.

Regina is closed till April 30th due to the COVID_19 virus.

Please make sure you are following ALL the CDC recommendations to keep your family safe and healthy.

If you are looking for ideas to do with your children start with the basics.

Keep a schedule

Read WITH your child 30 minutes a day.

Practice multiplication and division basic math facts.

Get plenty of exercise.

Play board games and complete jig saw puzzles.

Have your child write. Poems, journal, short stories

Talk with your children about how they are feeling and how you can help each other through this challenging time.

Pray-This is a great time to introduce family prayer time.

Many Blessings,

Mrs. Ney