Mrs. Rudolph

About The Teacher

Jan Rudolph

Regina Elementary

5th Grade

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Meet your teacher!!!

     2020-2021 is my 22nd year at Regina!  I taught for eight years in Rock Island, IL in a Catholic school.  
     I have three of my own children. All have now graduated from Regina!  My oldest son, Matt, is a doctor in Chicago, married and has twin boys.  My second son, David, is also a doctor in Baltimore, and my daughter, Cat, is a registered dietician in North Carolina.  
     I love teaching....especially in Catholic Schools. I like to teach with humor and love for each child.  I like the little tips and tactics used to get students to remember certain skills.  We have a little dance for adding suffixes!  I want each child to take ownership of their school work as well as
their behaviors.
     In my room, I teach everything except for Social Studies and Science.  I teach English for the whole 5th grade this year.