Spring 2017 Event Memories

We invite you to enjoy a slideshow of our Spring 2017 Mini-Conference and Break-Out EDU.



Beth Austin & Phil Hintz - Coding at the Elementary Level: Do you want to experience student engagement and collaboration? In this session, you will learn how to use Scratch, Jr. and Tynker with your K-2 students. You will return to your classroom equipped to introduce and teach lessons with both apps. Platform: iOS (iPad, iPhone), Mac Grade Level: Primary School Educators

Colette Boynton - Where Did That Go? How I've Used Tech To Organize the Chaos of Teaching: I’m envious of those who have organized, color-coded, labeled binders and classrooms that look like the Pinterest Fairy visits nightly. I however am organizationally challenged. As More and more gets added to our plates as educators and nothing is taken away it becomes harder and harder to keep up. I have found technology has really helped me accomodate for my disorder and make certain I’m taking care of business. Platform: Cross-Platform Grade Level: Early Childhood through Post-High School Educators

Mike Deleon - Exploring Virtual Reality in the Classroom: Ever wanted to learn more about Virtual Reality (VR)? This session will have you learning more about VR and how you can use it in the classroom as well as take PhotoSpheres for use in the classroom as well! If you have a smartphone available, we’ll use those to have you experiencing VR by doing a Google Expedition and taking a PhotoSphere! Platform: Cross-Platform Grade Level: All Levels

Mike Deleon - Making YouTube work for YOU!: YouTube is a great resource for teachers and students when they’re looking for an answer to a question. However, how can YOU make YouTube more personalized for you and your students? We’ll talk a little about how to setup your YouTube accounts/channels so that you can start being the creator vs. consumer of video content! We’ll also explore tie ins you can make between YouTube, Google Classroom, and other third party services to make you the newest YouTuber! Platform: Cross-Platform Grade Level: All Levels

Michael Deleon - Ready for something different? Try a DIGITAL BreakoutEDU: A Beta you Should be a Part of! Digital BreakoutEDUs have been popping up around the world as a way for educators and students to have the BreakoutEDU experience without the "BreakoutEDU Box." Why? The box has been digitized! This is a 'Beta' if not still an 'alpha' way to envision what a true Digital BreakoutEDU would be like! Platform: Cross-Platform Grade Level: All Levels

Scott Dillard - Movement in the 21st Century Classroom: Have you heard? Sitting is the new smoking. What are students expected to do everyday? Research shows students need movement. Movement and learning are connected. Students need inviting, flexible, open, engaging, and flexible classroom environments that are conducive to learning. Purposeful movement and active student-centered instruction increases student engagement, helps students stay on-task, reduces classroom management issues, and improves students' memory and concentration. Participants will learn how to use technology to get students to move and brains working in a 21st century classroom. Platform: Cross-Platform Grade Level: Early Childhood/PreK, Primary School, Middle School, and High School Educators

Christopher Edman & Kara Thorstenson - Augmented Reality: In this session we will learn how to use augmented reality to create engaging lessons and make everyday things in your classroom come to life. Imagine a classroom that has books and pictures tell stories or explain how things work or historical figures explaining historical events in their own words. Participants will learn about some great apps like Aurasma that can turn everyday objects into interactive ones. Platform: Cross-Platform Grade Level: Primary School, Middle School, and High School Educators

Christopher Edman & Kara Thorstenson - Coding with Kids: Go beyond the Hour of Code by learning about programs that support and extend elementary-level programming and coding skills. We will explore various web-based programs, apps, programmable robots and unplugged activities. Prior knowledge of coding or computer science is not needed.Teachers will gain an understanding of available programs and how to incorporate them into any class. A computer or tablet is recommended. Platform: Cross-Platform Grade Level: Early Childhood/ PreK and Primary School Educators

Nicole Eimer - Building a Digital Brand for your Classroom: Learn strategies to increase student and parent engagement by “branding” your classroom communication efforts. In this session, you’ll see examples of successful teacher classroom websites, social media accounts and other digital marketing ideas. Start using social media to tell your classroom story, highlight student successes and inform parents of events. Also, learn how to create digital graphics using free, web-based resources to enhance and promote your classroom brand. Platform: Cross-Platform Grade Level: All Levels

Nanci Greene and Jon Perry - What Do You See?: Why are surgeons, FBI agents, police officers, and others signing up for art appreciation classes? Well, they are finding that analyzing images helps them find hidden clues in their work. Wouldn’t it be great if we could sharpen our students’ visual thinking skills and help them become better critical thinkers and problem solvers? This session will provide practical strategies and digital tools for using images with classes of all grade levels and content areas to help students become more active observers of the world around them. Activities will center on three areas of working with images: finding quality images to use in the classroom (includes copyright/fair use), using online tools for editing images, and using images and visual cues to promote higher level thinking in the classroom. Platform: Cross-Platform Grade Level: Primary School, Middle School, and High School Educators

Toni Hotzfield - Tinkering Through Time: Participants will learn strategies of integrating a MakerSpace throughout the school day during guided reading groups. Platform: iOS (iPad, iPhone), Mac Grade Level: Early Childhood/PreK, Primary School, and Middle School Educators

Linda Houle - Web 2.0 No Registration Necessary 2017: Web 2.0 tools are the tools that engage our students and encourage creativity, authenticity, collaboration and more, while easily accessed in a web browser. Are you looking for Web 2.0 tools requiring no usernames, passwords or email addresses? Do Internet safety rules, time consuming account setup, app installs, or myriad of classroom devices bring new ideas to a halt? In this session attendees will join with me in my Livebinder to explore 28 free creativity, collaboration, conversion, multimedia, presentation, and productivity digital tools. Platform: Cross-Platform Grade Level: Primary School, Middle School, and High School Educators

Julie Powell and Heidi Weeks- Google Cousins for Assessment: Join me to play with some sites and add-ons that play well with Google! These sites and add-ons help with quick formative and summative assessments that give the student's quick feedback. We will take a look at Doctopus & Goobric as well as EdPuzzle, VidNotes, and PollEverywhere. Platform: Mac, Windows, Chrome Intended Audience: Middle School and High School Educators

Erin Preder - That Was Then... This is NOW!!: During this session I will share ideas of how I took my library lessons from the “ho-hum” to awesome! I will share what I did in the past, and how I changed just a little bit to make them extraordinary! All ideas shared can be done in the classroom, this is not a library focussed session. Ideas include social media, Skype/Google Hangouts, Green Screen Videos, Time Lapse Video, and many more! Platform: Cross-Platform Grade Level: Early Childhood/PreK and Primary School Educators

Adam Rummelhart - Creating a Digital Classroom with Microsoft Classroom and OneNote Class Notebook: Do you want to create a digital classroom where your students can collaborate? Using Microsoft Classroom and OneNote Class Notebook, attendees will play the role of students and be put into a digital classroom. There they will see how easy it is to collaborate, distribute and review materials. From there they will learn how to create their own digital classroom. Platform: Cross-Platform Grade Level: Middle School, High School, and Post-High School Educators.

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