Laboratory of Robotics and Networked Control


The Laboratory of Robotics and Networked Control (RNC Lab) develops research on robust and optimal control applied to networked control systems and robotics, considering problems such as time-delays, nonlinearities, estimation, hybrid systems, and multiple agents. Our vision is that robotics and networked control have significant impact in practical problems in industry and society, as everyday more and more devices are networkly connected.

RNC Lab is located in the Institute of Computing at Federal University of Alagoas, and is part of the Engineering and Systems Group (EASY).

Research Topics


Modelling and control techniques for enabling a networked systems to achieve synchronization on a given variable of interest, in applications such as distributed power generation, cooperative robotics, and other applications in multi-agent systems.


Time delays are always present in communication networks and information processing. Thus, the design of a robust controller for a networked controlled systems has to consider the delay and be aware of its margins and profile, such as variation and package drop.

Hybrid control

Considering systems with both discrete and continuous states. A hybrid approach is able to describe switching systems and consider variation in the network topology where, for example, the system can change its controller when communication is deteriorated.

Institute of Computing - Federal University of Alagoas

Av. Lourival Melo Mota, S/N - Tabuleiro do Martins, Maceió - AL, 57072-900

Contact: heitor.savino@ic.ufal.br

Professor Heitor J. Savino

RNC Lab - Maceió, AL - 2017