Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Primer Course | 区块链与加密货币基础课

Course Description

Course Code: IBS01-BCPC

Learning Mode: Face-to-face class


From concept formation and ideation of blockchain to proliferation of blockchain applications (with cryptocurrency as one of the application) and international standardization in the near future. There is a rising trend in business use case of blockchain and growing interest to understand and know how blockchain and cryptocurrency works.

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Primer Course (BCPC) provides fundamental concepts of Fintech, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency to the participants and practical knowledge of creating a blockchain wallet, exchange account and performing a blockchain transaction. Participants will go through mini lectures, group discussions, demonstrations and hands-on activities during the course.

BCPC has been running for 12 runs since Oct 2017 in Singapore, Hong Kong & Dubai.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, learners will be able to:

LO1 (Level 1)

• Define the meaning of Blockchain

• Identify the types of Blockchain

LO2 (Level 2):

• Discuss about the pros & cons of different types of blockchain

• Describe the characteristics or features of Blockchain

LO3 (Level 3):

• Display ability to view blockchain transactions using a blockchain explorer

• Execute a Blockchain transaction over Ethereum/IOST blockchain

LO4 (Level 4):

• Analyze the relationship between Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

• Distinguish the difference between Smart Contract & Traditional Contract

LO5 (Level 5):

• Recommend a Blockchain Business Model for an Industry.

• Compare ICO, IEO, STO and IDO

Course Outline

• Introduction to Blockchain & Fintech (3 hours)

- Terminologies of Blockchain

- Brief History of Blockchain & Fintech

- What is Fintech?

- Blockchain in Fintech Ecosystem

- Overview of Blockchain

- What is Blockchain?

• Types of Blockchain

• Blockchain Features

• Blockchain Wallets & Explorers

• Blockchain Applications & Use Cases (2 hour)

- Cryptocurrency

- Decentralized Applications (DApps)

- Smart Contract

- Industry Use Cases

• The Future of Blockchain & Cryptocurrency (1 hour)

- Blockchain Business Models & Strategy

- Standards & Regulations

- Blockchain Trends: IEO, Stablecoins, STOs & IDO

- Blockchain Adoption & Challenges

• Formative Assessment

Administrative Details

Next Course Run: 31 Aug 2019 (PA's course fees: $112.50 per pax)

Duration: 8 hours (10AM to 6PM)

Minimum Class Size: 5 to commence class

Maximum Class Size: 20

Venue: Tampines Changkat Community Club Multi-Purpose Hall (Organised by People's Association)

Trainer(s): Alvin Chua, ACTA


  • No prior knowledge in Fintech, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency required
  • Participants are encouraged to bring at least one of the following: Laptops, Tablets, Smart Phones with chargers.

Course Support:

  • Before Course: Kindly email to
  • During Course: Trainer(s) are on-site to provide support
  • After Course: Participants can join our Telegram group or continue to email

Financial Details

Funding: No Funding Available.

Course Fees:

  • Full-Time Students: $28 per pax
  • Seniors (above 55 years old): $68 per pax
  • Individuals: $118 per pax
  • IBS's Strategic Partners: $2500 per organisation (up to 30 pax)
  • NPO/VWC/Government Agencies: $3000 per organisation (up to 30 pax)
  • SMEs/MNCs: $3500 per organisation (up to 30 pax)

Payment Modes Accepted:

*Cash payment is not accepted, an e-invoice will be sent to your email.

  • PayPal to
  • PayNow to UEN: 201901394N
  • Internet/ATM Fund Transfer to: OCBC
  • Cheque payable to Institute of Blockchain Ltd
  • IOST Address: 65mhSSFFEciwRws5na5gmFp3N4osUimoXn157sBhGHYa

Refund Policy:

There shall be strictly no refund.

Exception: 100% refund of course fees will be processed if,

  • The course is cancelled by organiser
  • Participant withdraw more than 7 days before course date
  • For withdrawal less than 7 days before course date, valid reasons such as a) Medical, b) Last Minute Travel Plans and c) Compassionate Grounds with valid documentations are submitted to
  • Valid documents accepted are medical certificate of self or next-of-kin, travel itinerary or death certificate.

Assessment & Certification


  • There will be a formative assessment for the course. Assessment take into account the total % of class participation points. Class participation includes a) Open-Ended Question b) Poll c) Collaboration - Group Discussion d) Quiz conducted during the course.


  • Participants will receive a e-Certificate of Completion upon satisfying 75% of the attendance, attained 70% class participation rate and completed end of course evaluation form.