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Greetings Visitor,

Institute of Blockchain® (IBS) was founded on one principle, that is the advancement of blockchain education and driving its adoption. Blockchain will continues to become a key catalyst of the 4th industrial revolution alongside AI, Cloud Computing, Data Science, IoT, AR/VR.

We see that the blockchain technology has been undergoing a transformation phase and may soon see mainstream adoption in the next 2 to 5 years time which is also a key time frame where ISO TC307 Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology Technical standards will formalized and be in force.

IBS has challenges ahead despite being the first mover in the region as more and more training organisations emerge over the night delivering blockchain education or training.

Despite the challenges, IBS is a differentiated brand name and has expansion plans to the rest of Asia. We are committed and dedicated to provide blockchain education both nationally and regionally.

We will build a blockchain ecosystem and helps to bridge its gaps. Our courses and certification are designed according to Singapore's national Skills Framework and there will be learning and career pathways for that.

We has also curated the Global Blockchain Directory which allows both blockchain and non-blockchain organisations to find opportunities worldwide and collected the world's largest online library of blockchain resources at our repository.

It is exciting times and many more organisations and individuals exploring blockchain. IBS would like to share this journey with you in your quest for blockchain knowledge and understanding. With this, I wish you good health and enjoy the rest of our website.

Thank you.

Alvin Chua

President, Institute of Blockchain®


区块链技术学院(IBS)的建立是基于一个原则,即区块链教育的发展并推动其采用。区块链将继续成为人工智能,云计算,数据科学,物联网,增强现实/虚拟现实等第四次工业革命的主要催化剂。 我们看到区块链技术正在经历转型阶段,并可能在未来2至5年内很快被主流采用,这也是国际标准组织TC307区块链和分布式账本技术技术标准将正式生效的关键时期。

区块链学院仍面临挑战, 尽管区块链学院是区域的先行者,但随着越来越多的培训组织在提供区块链教育或培训而涌现。




这是令人兴奋的时代,更多组织和个人正在探索区块链。 区块链技术学院希望与您分享这一段旅程,以寻求区块链知识和理解。祝您身体健康,并享受我们网站的其余部分。