Camp Pondo will play an important role in the lives of teenagers this winter. At Pondo students discover that their value is not based on performance, nor is it based on their appearance, talent or skills. Consequently, they experience the freedom and the joy of being accepted as a person created in the image of God.

This is a wholesome, positive environment in which the love of Jesus is demonstrated in the context of meaningful worship, challenging messages from God’s Word, along with great fun and adventure. In this environment students not only hear and read about loving one another, they experience it.

For thousands of students each year, Camp Pondo is a memory—an experience that will become a significant spiritual milestone in their life. Something that will be said on the tube run or experienced at the snowboard park will impact them so that they want to live differently. They will want to become a better person. Don’t miss this great opportunity!


  • There will be a full afternoon of activities scheduled at camp. There will be opportunities to participate in a snowshoe hike, relay races, flag football, Kajabe Can-Can, field hockey & rock wall climbing. As always, the tube run will be open during the afternoon & evening. We will have some of our adventure activities running. But don’t fret, There will be all kinds of indoor and outdoor activities planned for Saturday afternoon. But wait there's more enjoy screaming down the Zip Line, rushing down the Tubing Hill on an inner tube, learning new techniques in the Bouldering Room, conquering the court in 9 Square in the Air, or chilling in the Rec Room – just some of the many free time options available at Pondo. Better yet, how about a quiet walk in the crisp mountain air, or hanging out with old friends and new at the snack shop. You can even relax with some crafts, riding the Giant Swing, basketball, foosball, disc golf—you get the idea—more things to do than you could ever get to in one week. And if none of these float your boat, one of the all-time favorites is still an option—a nap! And we put the FREE back in to free time—there is no additional charge for onsite free time activities. BOOM!
  • SNACK SHOP AND GIFT SHOP: will be open throughout the week—$30 is adequate spending money for the weekend. Along with snacks and drinks, a winter camp t-shirt and other Camp Pondo gear will also be available for purchase. Camp Pondo also accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express in the Gift Shop.

Standard Cabins

Sleep 12 people on bunk beds and have bathrooms inside the cabin. Bath facilities consist of two showers, two sinks, and a separate toilet room.



    • 4:00PM Registration Opens Main Hall
    • 4:00PM–8:00PM Snack/Gift Shop Open
    • 5:30PM–7:30PM Dinner Rotation Main Hall
    • 6:00PM Free Time: Board Games, Climbing Room, Fire Pits and More!
    • 7:30PM Leaders Meeting Climbing Room
    • 8:00PM Evening Chapel Main Hall
    • 9:30PM Free Time Outside
    • 10:00PM Night Life Main Hall


    • 8:30AM Breakfast Rotation Begins Main Hall
    • 9:00AM–10:15AM Snack/Gift Shop Open
    • 10:15AM Morning Chapel Main Hall

SATURDAY (continued):

    • 11:30AM–12:00PM Snack/Gift Shop Open
    • 12:30PM Lunch Rotation Begins Main Hall
    • 1:30PM–5:30PM Free Time
    • 6:00PM Dinner Rotation Begins Main Hall
    • 6:30PM Snack/Gift Shop Open
    • 7:30PM Leader Meeting Climbing Room
    • 8:00PM Chapel Main Hall
    • 9:15PM Church Time TBD
    • 10:15PM Talent Show / Free Time Main Hall


    • 8:30AM Breakfast Rotation Begins Main Hall
    • 10:15AM Morning Chapel Main Hall
    • 12:00PM Head Home


Campers will need to bring sleeping bag, pillow, towel, flashlight, warm casual clothing, a winter jacket, and various toiletries. Snow boots are highly encouraged to keep feet warm and dry during activities. Some parents even send inexpensive rain boots with thick wool socks. Also, sun block, lip balm, and sunglasses are very helpful in dealing with the glare from the snow and sun. Each student will also need a Bible & a pen. Place your camper’s name on all belongings. Your camper will have access to our camp store. Various items such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, toiletries and other fun items will be for sale. We also have snacks for those afternoon & late night munchies!


  • MEDICAL FORM: Please provide your group leader a signed, completed Registration/Medical form. Attach additional pages you feel are necessary so that we can have the information we need to care for your child. This information is invaluable if an emergency occurs. We prefer that you wait until just before camp to complete the form. Medical needs change & we want the latest, most accurate info. See your leader to get the form.
  • MEDICATIONS: Please separately pack any medication that your child takes and deliver it to your church leaders so that they may turn the medications into the infirmary upon arrival. Please send the original container with your child’s name clearly marked on the package. You do not need to send over the counter medications such as Tylenol, Advil, Sudafed, etc. We keep a well-stocked infirmary and we can “patch-up” most scrapes, bruises, headaches, and stomachaches. If your child brings ANY medication or vitamins, it must be turned into the infirmary. The health code mandates that no medications be left unattended in the cabins.
  • INJURY OR ILLNESS: If injuries or illnesses occur, a first aid certified staff member will tend to your child. If a major illness or injury occurs, 911 will be called immediately and the child will be transported to the hospital. Emergency personnel have approximately a five-minute response time to our facility. You will be contacted as soon as possible.