State Youth Conference

IGNITION: Student Conference is a high energy conference for students in grades 7-12, college age, their leaders and parents. It features:

-Powerful worship

-Amazing speakers


-High student involvement

-Ministry projects

Plenty of options to customize the conference for your group

REGULAR REGISTRATION: Nov 1st—Nov 30th $100 (Deposit $20)


Completion of payment before the deadline guarantees the participant the following:

• Round Trip Transportation

• A Conference Themed T-Shirt

• Conference Housing

 Sheraton Grand Sacramento

1230 J Street, 13th and J Street, Sacramento, CA 95814

• Admission to Conference

When: 12/28/2015 - 12/30/2015

Student Conference Location:

 Sacramento Convention Center Complex

1400 J Street, Sacramento, CA 95814

*IMPORTANT* Daily Meal Arrangements

Daily group meal times will be scheduled. All participants will be required to dine at the same restaurant locations once the leadership has established and announced that day’s eating arrangements. Each participant is responsible for their food budget during the entire conference. All personal expenses relating to food are a personal expense outside of and in addition to the “Trip Cost.”

 Dec 28th Wednesday – Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

 Dec 29th Thursday – Lunch*, Dinner

 Dec 30th Friday – Lunch*, Dinner

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IGNITION- Student Conference: Packing List


 Bible

 Note Books

 A flexible and servant-like heart and attitude!


The hotel will provide fresh towels and bed linens daily. The Hotel will provide complimentary toiletries such as lotion, shampoo, and conditioner. However, DO NOT exclusively rely on the hotel to provide hygiene products. Bring your own toiletries…

 Soap

 Shampoo/conditioner

 Hand sanitizer

 Deodorant

 Toothbrush/toothpaste

 Sunscreen (optional)


Remember this is a conference, not a fashion show. You will be expected to sit for extended periods of time during sessions. There will be a decent amount of walking to and from various scheduled events and meal times. Dress for comfort, not attention.

 Casual clothes that adhere to the dress code

 Jacket (It will be December)

 Modest sleeping clothes

 Hat & Sunglasses (Optional)

 Versatile walking shoes

 Umbrella (This time of year in Sacramento it rains frequently)


 Earplugs for quiet sleeping!

 Camera

Public Places = Public Problems

Conferences, or any large public event for that matter, bring with them certain inherent risks. It is strongly advised that you not travel with or have any possessions that are of extreme personal or monetary values with you during the conference. Theft and loss are possible.

IGNITION- Student Conference:

General Schedule* **

Thursday, December 28, 2017

6:00a Depart from Church (IMC) South Parking Lot

1:00p – 6:00p Registration

1:30p – 4:30p Fun Zone

3:15p – 3:45p Sponsor Orientation

5:00p – 5:30p Sponsor Orientation

4:30p – 6:00p Dinner

6:10p Doors Open

6:30p – 9:00p General Session I

Travis Ryan | Drew Worsham | D.A. Horton

9:00p – 10:45p Late Night

11:00p Church Group Time

11:45p Curfew

Friday, December 29, 2017

7:30a – 8:00a AM Devotional

8:20a – 9:15a Breakout I

9:20a Doors Open

9:40a – 12:00p General Session II

Travis Ryan | D.A. Horton

Noon Lunch

1:15p – 4:45p Ministry Projects | Super Sessions

1:15p – 2:45p Super Session

3:00p – 4:30p Super Session II

4:45p Dinner

6:10p Doors Open

6:30p – 9:00p General Session III

Travis Ryan | Trip Lee (Concert) | Chris Simning

9:00p – 10:45p Late Night

11:00p Church Group Time

11:45p Curfew

Saturday, December 30, 2017

7:30a – 8:00a AM Devotional

8:15a – 9:15a Breakout II

9:30a- 12:30p General Session IV

Travis Ryan | Trip Lee

9:00p Depart from Church (IMC) South Parking Lot

*Event Schedule Subject To Change

**Departure and Arrival Travel Time Are Locked


We are all part of an environment where we are trying to remove distractions so that we can concentrate on GOD. We do not want any student or adult to distract others by the way they dress, or to be distracted by the way others dress. Should you choose to draw attention to yourself by dressing inappropriately, you will be asked to change your clothes.

Dress should be representative of who we are as Christian students and adults.

(Please note: This dress code applies mainly to our youth who are church members and those that attend often. We want them to set the example. However, we will be sensitive to Visitors and will address dress code violations with much more grace.)


 No visible underwear

 Hemlines and necklines should be modest. NO low cut tops.

 NO super tight clothes.

 No Spandex

 No sagging!

 Leggings and tights do not count as pants. Please wear appropriate mid-thigh length shorts, skirts, or dresses

 Also, if there are holes in your pants, shorts or shirt, the holes must be below fingertips as well.

 Speak for yourself! “Message shorts” are not allowed.

 Don’t advertise for the wrong people! Clothing promoting tobacco, alcohol, cigarettes, sex, questionable sayings, slogans, etc. is not allowed.

 No bare midriffs- shirts should be long enough that no skin is visible.


 Girl Swimsuit rules: If you have a bikini (open back), a long dark t-shirt must be worn over it at all times. Tankinis are allowed as long as your midriff never shows. If midriff shows, then the dark t-shirt must be worn. One-piece swimsuits are preferred, however; if the one piece is super low cut (cleavage) or any midriff is shown, you need a dark t-shirt as well. The dark t-shirt may be sleeveless.

 Guy’s Swimsuit Rules: No speedo or any style of similar skin tight clothing. Long board shorts style swim trucks are ideal


 No possession or use of alcohol, drugs, or tobacco

 No fighting, weapons, fireworks, lighters, or explosives

 No electronic devices are allowed during the main event or group activities, only during designated free times

 No inappropriate language or slang

 Under no circumstance will members of the opposite sex be allowed entry into each other’s hotel rooms or sleep in the same room without adult supervision

 Participate with the group

 Respect property of the church and others

 Emotional and physical regard to all students, staff, and adult leaders

 Respect and comply with all commands given by staff and volunteer adult leader

 Repayment/replacement of damaged property will be expected in the event of intentional breakage

 Student Leaders involved in a dating relationship should model appropriate behavior. Especially during church functions, our focus is to be on the Lord as well as Youths.

 If you do date, another member of the Youth Ministry remember that if the relationship ends that person will still be around to testify to your behavior and character

 Please be respectful of those around you in your displays of affection (no snuggling, kissing, etc.)


While it is important to have fun and build relationships in the youth group, it is also critical to create a safe environment where all students feel welcome. The following policies have been designed to give a general outline. The list is not an exhaustive list, and the youth leaders have the right to alter how they deal with discipline on a case-to-case basis. These guidelines are intended to foster the appropriate behavior and atmosphere for youth group.

1. Disruptions during meetings

It is important to have fun, to joke around and to have a good time, but occasionally a student becomes disruptive during meetings. It is important not to distract from students who are engaged. The following steps generally can be followed in this case.

• Disruptive students will be separated from their friends. Volunteers will move the disruptive students to another seat, away from their friends.

• After a second offense, the student will be asked to stay after the meeting to have a conversation about their misconduct.

• If the inappropriate behavior continues, the students will be suspended from youth activities for a period.

2. Students who are under the influence of or in possession of illegal drugs, or alcohol or students possessing weapons or tobacco (see next page)

If a student comes to any youth ministry activity and is under the influence of drugs or alcohol or has possession of illegal drugs, alcohol or weapons, the student’s parents will be immediately notified, and the student home will be sent home. The student will be subject to a suspension period, length determined depending on the severity of the situation. Such incidents will also be reported to the church leadership. If recommended by the church leadership and/or required by law, the police and/or other authorities will also be contacted.

3. Physical Bullying or Fighting

Because safety and security are of the utmost importance, fighting and bullying of any kind will not be tolerated.

Students who engage in physical bullying or fighting will be separated from the group, their parents will be notified, and they will leave the event early. A time of suspension may be deemed appropriate. If this is a reoccurring issue, the student may be suspended indefinitely.

4. Physical Displays of Affection, Sexual Harassment, and Sexual Misconduct

Physical displays of affection such as kissing, sitting on laps, and lying, or sleeping next to each other participants are inappropriate. Being isolated or alone with another student is not allowed.

Students, depending on the severity of the issue will be first reprimanded, then talked to one-on-one. Next, the student’s parents will be notified of their inappropriate behavior. If the inappropriate behavior continues, the students will be suspended from youth activities for a period

5. Adults will confiscate electronic devices that are being misused.

Students who fail to comply with the dress and personal conduct codes may be sent home at their parents’ expense. Failure to follow these guidelines may also result in a temporary loss of future event participation privileges.