CentriFUGE Camp Load Out

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We will be departing from the southern parking lot of Immanuel Baptist (1201 N. China Lake)

*Make sure to pack breakfast and lunch money for both the drive to and from camp*

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Opening Day

6:00 AM Assemble to Leave 1201 N. Chine Lake South Parking Lot

1:00 – 4:00 PM Registration

5:00 PM Dinner

6:30 PM Opening Celebration

7:30 PM Bible Study

8:30 PM Church Group Rally

8:45 PM Church Group Devotion

10:00 PM Hang Time

11:00 PM In Rooms

11:30 PM Lights Out

Closing Day

7:00 AM Breakfast

8:00 AM Quiet Time/Bible Study

9:45 AM Closing Celebration

10:45 AM Churches Depart

6:00 PM Arrive back at 1201 N. Chine Lake South Parking Lot

Full Days of Camp

7:00 AM Breakfast

8:15 AM Morning Celebration

9:00 AM Recreation

10:30 AM Quiet Time/Bible Study

12:00 PM Lunch

1:10 PM Track Rally

1:20 PM Track A

2:20 PM Track Rally

2:30 PM Track B

3:20 PM Hang Time

5:00 PM Dinner

6:30 PM Worship

8:00 PM Church Group Time

9:45 PM Night Life

10:15 PM Hang Time

11:00 PM In Rooms

11:30 PM Lights Out

What to Bring

• Linens, towels, pillows, blankets • Water bottle you can refill and carry with you • Closed-toe, closed-heel shoes (for outdoor activities) • Bible, notepad, and pen • Toiletries such as toothbrush and shampoo • Sun protection • Spending money for snacks, camp store, and missions offering (optional) • Summer clothing (see dress code)

(Optional:) Hoodie it sometimes gets cold at night, flash light, extra pair of shoes, long pants if you get cold easy, bug spray

What Not to Bring

• Alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs, fireworks, water guns, or any kind of weapon

• We recommend no iPads, iPods, playstation portables or other gaming devices, roller blades or skateboards. If students do bring cell phones or other electronics, they are not to be out and in use during programming elements: morning celebration, Bible study, worship, night life, recreation and track times / ministry tracks.

• Items that may be used for pranks such as water balloons, shaving cream, silly string, etc. Pranks are not allowed at camp. Your church will be charged for any damages or issues related to clean up.

Jenness Park Camp Rules

Cell Phones

• The decision of cell phone usage at camp is in the hands of the group leader of each church.

• Throughout the week, some elements may allow students and adults to join in via social media (i.e., Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.) However, these opportunities are optional and will not limit the camp experience for those who do not participate.

• Unless instructed by staff, students with cell phones are not allowed to have them out or in use during programming elements: morning celebration, Bible study, worship, night life, recreation and track times / ministry tracks. Ringers should be turned to silent or vibrate.


• Participate in all activities and be on time.

• Drink plenty of water and eat three meals a day.

• Wear closed-toe and closed-heel shoes to recreation, track times and ministry sites.

• Wear your name tag at all times.


• Be in your room by 11:00 PM with lights out no later than 11:30 PM, except on the last evening of camp when curfew is 11:30 PM.

• No guys in girls’ rooms and no girls in guys’ rooms.

• No public displays of affection.

• No practical jokes.


• No gum, food, or drinks allowed in the worship center.

• No video and flash photography are allowed in the worship center before or during the worship service.

• Sleeveless tops

• Advertises alcohol, tobacco, or illegal drugs;

• Explicitly or implicitly promotes racism, sexism, or hatred of any group or person;

• Explicitly or implicitly refers to sexual actions or situations;

• Has spaghetti/small straps or open back, except for sleepwear;

• Is excessively short or tight fitting. While at camp, we ask that students:

• Wear modest shorts (when hands are extended to the back or the front, finger tips must touch fabric). Sleeveless shirts and tank tops are now allowed during day-time activities. Shirts with spaghetti straps, open backs or excessive armpit cutouts which expose torso and undergarments are NOT allowed.

• Wear closed-toe and closed-heel shoes while at recreation and track times (Centrifuge and XFuge) and on ministry sites (MFuge and XFuge on Mission) and during Mega Relay.

• Wear modest, one-piece bathing suits or two-piece suits covered with a dark colored t-shirt, if participating in water activities.

• Wear modest shorts, pants, jeans, or dresses for worship. Dresses with spaghetti or small straps, open backs, and excessively short lengths are unacceptable (when hands are extended to the back or the front, finger tips must touch fabric). Modest sleeveless tops are allowed in worship.

• Do not dress in a way that calls attention to underwear (sagging your pants, rolling down your waistbands, etc.) or wear pants or shorts with lettering on the bottom.

Free Amenities:

Lake, Paddle boats, Kayaks, Zip line, Climbing wall, Leap of faith, Archery, Indoor game area, Lighted amphitheater

Amenities Requiring Additional Cash

Paintball ($20 per round), Archery tag ($10 per round), Laser tag ($5 per round), Camp general store ($20 in snack money is the recommended amount) Coffeehouse (same for general store)


The Mission: East asia

Sometimes we understand a need more when we see it first hand. This walk-through prayer experience puts the student in the shoes of a child in East Asia to find out what the hindrances to the gospel are for that region and what your student can do to help. This is a partnership effort with the IMB.

The Mission: Escape!

We’ve seen our heroes fight to complete their mission on screen, now we’ll strive to do the same. The Mission: Escape is an escape room experience where the student works mightily with the members of their Bible study group to crack the code, solve the puzzle, and break the lock before the others on campus do the same.


Get your game faces on and come ready to compete for the FUGE Cup! We’re taking it back to 1979, when FUGE started! Come decked out in your best 70’s attire.

MEGA BAGS (Click Here)

NOTE: Purchasing a commemorative MEGA Bag is NOT required in order to participation in actual Mega Relay.