Nathan Webb

Bachelor of Arts Christian Ministry, Double Minor: Psychology & Biblical Studies

Master of Arts Christian Education: Youth Specialization

My Life's Calling

My life has been marked by God’s service since I was born, and I thank God for the Christian heritage that has flown through my family tree for many generations. Indeed a pastoral lineage can be traced back eleven generations from me. My parents have been an incredible source of discipleship and encouragement in my walk with Christ. However, I owe a debt of gratitude as well to the spiritual mentorship I have received while in Junior and Senior High School, maturing under the discipleship of Miguel Lopez and John McCants, the two former Youth Ministers at my hometown church, Trinity Evangelical Free. During High School I fell hopelessly in love with youth ministry, I attended four different youth groups in the local area. The joys of being involved in youth ministry captivated my heart and mind. The more time I spent in contact with the various members of the multiple youth groups I attended on differing nights during the week, the closer and more challenged I felt as an individual to pursue God. As my faith ignited and matured, and God’s vision for my life become clear, I have endeavored to equip myself for the work of youth ministry by the best means possible. Never before did my call to youth ministry become more real and personal to me than the year I spent abroad. Upon graduating from High School in 2004, I attended a one-year Christian leadership school called Teen Mania Honor Academy in Texas. It was at this school God gave me the wisdom and discipline I needed to comprehend and surrender to His vision for my life completely. I also met my wife Jessica during that time; later in 2008 on January 10th we got married. I graduated with a clear call to reach out to the youth of America. Feeling lead by God to equip myself further, I pursued and obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry along with two minors: one in Psychology and the other in Biblical Studies at the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. I also have obtained a Master of Arts in Christian Education Specializing in Youth Ministry.

Why I pursue Youth Ministry as my life's calling

Youth Ministry in America is a lot like nuclear fission. The youth of any culture can either empower an entire city, state, or nation… or, destroy it. At all times youth are at critical mass; they are so eager to expel their untamed emotions and ambitions. It is my desire to see the Youth of America mature into a successful source of authentic self-replicating Christian discipleship. The Youth of America need to know that God alone is their rock and their salvation; He is their fortress, they cannot be shaken. Their salvation and their honor depend on God; He is their mighty rock, their refuge. The IBC Youth Group aims to rebuild the crumbling foundation of our culture by taking that message and provoking this generation and those to come, to passionately pursue Jesus Christ and to take His life-giving message to the ends of the earth. The IBC Youth Group desire to provide a place where anyone can feel welcomed into a time of engaging Christian fellowship during which purposed discipleship will ignite, deepen, and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a manner which prompts individuals to dare to dream as big as God dreams and believe that, with God on their side, they can achieve the impossible. The IBC Youth Ministry Mission is to provide Youth with authentic sources of Christian wisdom, vision, and discipline in order that they might point themselves and other seeking individuals in a direction that will Glorify God and help perpetuate spiritual self-growth and promote effective personal evangelism. The Youth Ministry at IBC purposes to present a clear T.A.R.G.E.T. for Youth to focus their lives upon. The Youth Minister at IBC aims to convict and disciple this generation and those to come to focus on God’s Truth by realizing they can receive direction, provision, and motivation directly from God and His Word to take the Gospel to the world; to provoke them to be men and women of Accountability, always being who they say they are, and striving to always do the right thing, regardless of expediency; to be a leader who values God honoring Relationships as being the catalyst of any and all effective personal evangelism, being always aware to maintain a servant’s attitude; to go to heroic lengths to meet the needs of others; and by doing so continually to be a visual source of God’s Glory. They focus upon Excellence by demanding of themselves uncompromising quality and striving to be people who demonstrate excellence in everything they do. To continually be Teachable, not claiming to have arrived at infallibility but actively attend sessions, conferences, worship services, read, and observe with a teachable spirit, continually seeking to grow spiritually.