The heart and mission of "Rally Point" Youth Ministry is to strives to be an authentic source of Christianity, mentoring students who are capable of continued spiritual self-growth and effective personal evangelism.

Being "AUTHENTIC" means having a heart for the lost. Genuine disciples take the great commission seriously. The first mission of youth ministry is to make Jesus’ name famous to students everywhere. Undoubtedly, a student minister must have a passion for being an instrument of God; introducing students to the saving knowledge of God’s Grace.

Being "CAPABLE" means teaching and discipleship truthfully. This is testing and growing in faith, so that they may be mature and complete, not lacking in anything. When a student owns their faith, they will have a desire for the Word. They will have a passion for Worship.

Being "EFFECTIVE" means equipping students to take up their crosses. As Christians, they have responsibilities to serve and sacrifice in many ways. They need appropriate roles as a part of the church. They are also responsible for continuing to spread the Gospel. They need to make His name known to the world. The nature of any evangelistic ministry has to be cyclical.