IATSE Local 107 orientation

Requests are on hold.

Welcome to the IATSE Local 107 Orientation Portal. IATSE Local 107 uses the Google platform for training so a Google account is required to join the training. Please read the first link below for instructions on starting a Google account if you do not have one. It does NOT have to be @gmail. Sign-in to Google. Use the Orientation Request button below to receive an invitation to access the training. Invitation request hours are approximately 9am-9pm, 7 days a week. Response time should generally be within a few hours.

Be sure to check your junk and spam folders for the response! Several people have said the response was found there.

The goal for this Google Classroom Platform is to enable the President, Business Manager and Dispatchers to more formally qualify and recommend stagehands for work in our jurisdiction. There are a couple of assignments, such as the AB 1343 (used to be 1825) training, that require an hour or more of effort. The local expects that interested persons should be willing to engage in these basic requirements.

This orientation is not advanced. It is designed for the stagehand who has some experience and understanding of safe work practices and skills in entertainment technology. It offers information about the venues, policies and practices in our jurisdiction. Anyone with a minimum of experience should not have much difficulty with the material. This orientation does not in any way guarantee work or placement with our employers.

Please complete within 30 days of your invitation. Invitations not complete by then will be removed from the 'classroom' and you would have to be re-invited.

After accepting the invitation you will be given access to the classroom.

Please do these in order. Please do not do the quiz or submit a resume until you have completed AB1825 and Skills and Venue Orientation. Do not skip the orientation materials, read them all, the quiz includes questions on the materials.

Click on the "Classwork" tab at the top of the page to begin.

What is required-

1-Submit (upload) a certificate of completion of AB 1825 training using the form.
2-Read the "Skills and Venue Orientation" materials, then submit the "Materials Acknowledgement" form.
3-Take the "Quick Quiz".

4-Submit a Resume or other reference if you have one. Recommended but optional.

What is recommended-
Read through all of the departmental course materials to gain understanding of skills.

What happens after your submissions are complete?

Submission must be complete before review, this means AB1343, Materials and Quiz.

After review a recommendation will be made to the president and dispatchers for referral. They will then respond appropriately. This process is not automated so please be patient as there are several people involved who may be quite busy.