I am a PhD candidate in Economics at Iowa State University. I am on the 2018-2019 job market and will be available for interviews at the ASSA meetings in Atlanta.

I study natural resource (esp. fisheries), labor, and behavioral economics.

My job market paper directly tests the two competing theories of labor supply using data from commercial fishing trips of Alaskan Halibut fishery. Results reveal that fishermen respond negatively to transitory wage changes, a behavior inconsistent with the neoclassical theory of labor supply. Additionally, the observed negative relationship between hours and wages when income is less than target cannot be explained by the linear gain-loss utility of reference dependent preferences. I find compelling evidence of non-linear income targeting, particularly among experienced fishermen. My results suggest that traditional welfare analyses of wage-taxation policies, which rely heavily on the wage elasticity of labor supply, may need to be revised.

Please feel free to contact me at bera@iastate.edu or (515) 708-4923.