Whistle-blower policy

A brief background to the policy

IAS believes and welcomes feedback and will react in a constructive manner to complaints from the people the organization works with so to discover in a timely manner evidence of activities that may threaten or impede compliance with IAS policies as the organization strives to serve all target communities.

Anyone wishing to express a concern of any kind and against anyone within the organization should feel free and comfortable doing so. The complaint can be a grievance made against International Aid Services as an organization, or any of its employees, partners and or associates where there has been failure to do as promised; and that promise (verbal or written) should be related to our activities and as per our Mission and Values.

Name of complainant is required for record and follow-up purposes in case more clarity is needed. Your anonymity will otherwise be protected and any disclosure will be with your permission.

The complainant should indicate whether they are a whistle-blower or a victim of the issue being reported.

A brief account of the issue being raised will also be required e.g. Country in question, the nature of the irregularity and the relationship that the complainant has with the alleged offender, e.g. supervisor, supplier, member of target community etc.

Download the Whistle-blower policy (Size 90 Kb)

You can contact us on: complaints@ias-intl.org