As from year 2019 - IAS / Sweden is an operational part of Läkarmissionen (LM)

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This site www.IAS-Intl.org has functioned as the IAS Alliance website until the merger took place between IAS / Sweden and Läkarmissionen (LM) on January 1st, 2019. The IAS Alliance is currently being re-structured and the outcome will be communicated once completed. This website still operates as an online platform for the IAS countries until further notice.

As from January 2019, the organisation International Aid Services (IAS) / Sweden is an integral part of Läkarmissionen (LM) in Sweden. The former IAS Alliance members continue to exist as independant and legal entities. The Country Offices continue to exist as IAS branded Country Offices.

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Head Office (incl former IAS / Sweden)


Siktgatan 8

162 88 Vällingby


Phone +46 8 6200200

Email info@lakarmissionen.se

Website www.lakarmissionen.se

Latest news

IAS Niger project - ECHO funded (Part 3 film clip)

20th Dec, 2019 - Challenges for displaced persons are many. In our humanitarian interventions we seek to alleviate some of their suffering by providing one of the most basic needs for survival - clean water! Thanks for support from the European Commission's Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid department (ECHO) - we are able to provide sustainable clean water to displaced communities in Diffa, Niger, pumped using solar energy.


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Accountability Framework

CHS Alliance

IAS is one of the Founding members of the CHS Alliance. The CHS Alliance leads and facilitates the development, promotion and maintenance of the Core Humanitarian Standard on Quality and Accountability CHS). The CHS sets out Nine Commitments that organisations and individuals involved in humanitarian response can use to improve the quality and effectiveness of the assistance they provide. More information can be found on www.chsalliance.org


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