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Dear Members

It is a great honour to serve as the President of our association . I feel humbled, but assure you of my steadfast commitment to IAPS. I am grateful to my seniors for their constant guidance and encouragement ever since I was a trainee under my mentor Prof. Subir K Chatterjee.My predecessors have worked tirelessly to take our association to this level and I assure you that your new committee will continue to build on that legacy . In a fast changing society, we must adapt ourselves to meet all challenges .Technology is rapidly developing, at times even disrupting the standard teaching process , however it is best that basic surgical skills are mastered first . If the base is strong absorbtion and application of new techiques is easily facilitated. Association Secretary Dr Ravi Kanojia and I are always available to hear from you.

"Pages of yesterday cannot be revised , but the pages of today and tomorrow are blank and you hold the pen" --- let us all make it an inspiring story for IAPS .

Long live IAPS


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Webinar on guidelines for hypospadias from Dr S B Mane (5th may 2019)

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DSD - VR Ravikumar


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3rd Deccan Course in Pediatric Urology Goa

10-12 Jan 2020

Annual conference of Surgical oncology Section of IAPS - 21-22 Dec 2019 Mumbai


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