Indian Association of Pediatric Surgeons

Pediatric Surgery Week

The IAPS marks the week of the 14th of Novermber as Pediatric Surgery Week.

Theme for this year "Pediatric Surgeons-Partnering Care Givers for Child Safety"

'A child is not a small adult, nor is she a sum of her organs'

A Pediatric Surgeon is specially trained to manage children in a holistic manner


We, the Pediatric Surgeons of India, do hereby unite to form an association titled 'Indian Association of Pediatric Surgeons' with a view to propound, to practice, to promote, to project, and to propogate the speciality of Pediatric Surgery. We aim to render a high quality of surgical care, to foster fraternity and familial feelings amongst the members, to pursue professional practice with ethics and empathy, and to stay away from a milieu muddled with mudane materialism.

(Extract for the Preamble of IAPS Constitution)