Welcome to Team A'a


Welcome to Team A'a's homepage! This website is a great tool for you to use to stay updated on what is going on in all of your core classes. Families, we post and update this page frequently, so make sure to check back to see what students are up to in school!

Team A'a Expectations:

Be Prepared. Be Positive. Be Respectful. Follow Instructions.

  • Entering behavior for every class:
    • Enter quietly and on time.
    • Be in your assigned spot.
    • Bags on back of chair or under your desk, not on your body.
    • Cell phones are ALWAYS turned OFF and put in bag.
    • Have your planner out, ready to write down the homework/agenda/objective for the day.
    • Begin your Do Now/Bell work.
  • Leaving the classroom:
    • Wait for permission to leave for bathroom/water/etc.
    • Sign out on the clipboard.
    • Grab the pass. You have three minutes to leave and come back.
    • Sign back in when you enter the classroom quietly.
  • Learning Environment:
    • Raise hand to communicate and participate.
    • Follow instructions the first time given.
    • Stay on task and be a community contributor.
    • Be prepared to think critically, ask questions, and solve problems.
    • Be prepared to participate in classroom conversations and use evidence to support your thinking.
    • Be prepared with your team A'a binder with dividers for all classes, your homework folder, and a pencil/pen.
  • Learning Activity Expectations:
    • Take your time and produce quality products or else you WILL redo the learning activity.
    • Complete all activities by the assigned due date.
    • If you have an excused absence, you get however many days you were absent to make it up, a day for a day. Example: If you are absent for two days, you have two days to make up your learning activities before they are late.
    • ELA, SCIENCE, and SOCIAL STUDIES: 3 DAY LATE WORK POLICY. If you do not turn in a learning activity by the assigned date, you have 3 days to turn in the assignment with a 10% penalty. On day 4, you can still turn in the assignment for a 40% penalty pending teacher approval.
  • Team A'a recognition:
    • Students will be recognized quarterly in a Team A'a assembly for:
      • Character traits such as respect, compassion, wisdom, justice, honesty, cooperation
      • GLOs
      • Student academic growth
      • Attendance