Gently Used Equipment Program

When you clean out your equipment rooms, garage, or any areas you may have GENTLY USED or even NEW equipment that you would like to PASS FORWARD to another school. Please contact Kathy Houston at to donate that equipment to the Northeastern District for re-distribution. You will be helping another district and another crop of students!!

If you are in need of any equipment, check the list below and be sure to read the "How It Works" section under that.

Gently Used Equipment Availability

NED Gently Used Equipment Virtual Tour!!

How It Works:

Thank you for viewing the Gently Used Equipment - Helping Hands site. The program is an on-going program created with the purpose to receive and pass forward donated gently used and/or NEW equipment to schools, Physical Educators, and sites working with children of all ages. It is open to anyone wishing to communicate and connect.This opportunity is possible through communication, networking and working together. Please keep in mind, all items passed forward should be in safe working condition, as I count on you to make that decision. Thanks to all of our helping hearts and hands making a difference over the years.

CONTACT: Kathy Houston ( - RETIRED, JUNE, 2018 Physical Education/Health Teacher- Focus and passion in brain research-movement and learning; classroom management; continued desire to teach and learn from a new generation. Teaching since 1982 - retired. 1985- 2018 in Queen Bee District 16.

IF you have items to donate ~ IF you see items you want ~ IF you would like to post to the wish list ~ PLEASE send me an email with the specific information AS WELL AS YOUR EMAIL AND PHONE NUMBER. We will communicate as to the specifics for drop off or pick up. PLEASE NOTE that drop off and pick up location is Winfield, Illinois - unless specifics are able to be worked out between us for an alternative plan. Once we connect, I do share my cell for easier communication.

SOME equipment comes and goes quickly - please understand, I will reply ASAP upon receiving your email. I check emails from HOME computer ONLY - NOT MY PHONE or at work. It is a first come first serve basis on the communication I receive. At times, larger items, I may put you directly in contact with the teacher that has the items for you to work on transport and pick up. Missing out on an item does not mean that we will never get another one. No promises, however, we hope we can work together to find treasures to receive and pass forward.

Please know that items passed forward are your responsibility upon pick-up as to set-up, care and use.