Ideas For Life Challenge

Passionate and keen to take part in service learning?

Motivated to solve the world's pressing social problems?

Be Frugal and Pay It Forward

Calling all passionate and aspiring social change makers. The ‘Ideas for Life” Challenge is for PGP House residents who are motivated to solve world’s pressing social problems. If you like to contribute to the community, here is a chance to submit and win prizes for innovative solutions which can change the society for better. The ideas or solutions are to be sustainable , engaging and implementable offering good value for money. The aim is to solve compelling problems in communities, involving innovations which are simple, novel and tangible.

Nature is frugal and most efficient in all of its activities. However, driven by over-consumption, wastage and of course genuine use by the ever increasing population, resources of Mother Earth are dwindling at an alarming rate. Making sure that future generations can live well within the resource limits of our planet will take a major shift in thinking, where frugal innovation can play a crucial role. Frugal Innovation is the process of reducing complexity and cost of goods or services without sacrificing quality. Frugal innovation is to "do more with less for more", without creating any hindrance to the developmental activities the world is always engaged in. Frugal innovation can retain the world in sustainable form.

To this end, PGP House is embarking on a series of events to involve you, our residents, in frugal innovation.

There are two main events currently available:

  1. Challenge Briefing
    • For this activity, you can form a team 3 to 4 residents. You will receive a briefing about the challenge and discuss with your teammates of about the scenarios and explore solutions. Your proposals has to address the social impact, enterprise values and sustainability of the solutions. The date is to be determined.
  2. Community engagement in Bengkala, Bali, Indonesia
    • Selected residents will visit Bengkala village in Bali, Indonesia. The trip will be during 24 - 27 February 2019. The trip is co-paid by residents and PGP House. Through these visits, you will learn the difficulties and hardships these communities face and you can come up with solutions addressing their problems.
  3. Showcase
    • Selected solutions will be showcased in an event in March 2019.

Successful ideas to address the following.

  • Scenario to which the proposal applies
  • Social impact : compelling problems which are observed, needs identified, opportunities seized, communities served
  • Design : creativity, simplicity, innovative, robust, detailed illustrations / sketch
  • Enterprise : value-for-money proposition, marketing and business strategies, distribution and reach, alternative scenarios which may apply
  • Sustainability : Business and environmental

Sample Scenarios

Here are three sample scenarios for PGP House, Singapore and India. These scenarios also serve as templates for creating your own scenarios which apply to the ideas that you are proposing.

  • Participants to submit a detailed proposal.
  • Proposals to be emailed to [entries [at]].
  • Short-listed entries have to be presented in front of a judging panel on 24-25 Feb 2018.

Successful proposals can be implemented in conjunction with relevant NUS faculties / departments. Cross faculty and interdepartmental proposals are encouraged.

Note: The dates are subject to changes.

A Frugal Innovation and Sustainable Living initiative by PGP House, NUS