Must be PGP House residents.

If you wish to have a non PGP House resident involved in the team with strong interest in the challenge, contact us [entries [at] i4lchallenge.org].

With a team size of 2 - 4 residents.

From at least two different faculties or departments in NUS.

Frugal Innovation

Nature is frugal and most efficient in all of its activities. However, driven by over-consumption, wastage and of course genuine use by the ever increasing population, resources of Mother Earth are dwindling at an alarming rate. Making sure that future generations can live well within the resource limits of our planet will take a major shift in thinking, where frugal innovation can play a crucial role. Frugal Innovation is the process of reducing complexity and cost of goods or services without sacrificing quality. Frugal innovation is to "do more with less for more", without creating any hindrance to the developmental activities the world is always engaged in. Frugal innovation can retain the world in sustainable form.

Story board developed for International Conference on Frugal Innovation 2016

Be Frugal and Pay It Forward