Works Cited

List of All Sources Used in Research

A bibliography or list of sources and all citations, using one standard method, must be included; any illustrations, documents, or other supporting evidence should be included in an appendix. None of these will form part of the word count.

A recognized method of listing sources must be used consistently throughout the investigation, which will most likely be either Turabian Style or MLA. Be sure to ask your instructor which style you are required to adhere to for your finished paper.

To help with properly formatting your sources use the online citation guides found at Sturgis' Reference Room website. If you have any questions about an odd source please ask the librarians or me.

Initial Review of Resources: Creating an Annotated Bibliography

Turabian Style Guide

MLA Style Guide


While there is no direct marks awarded for the creation of your Works Cited page, its absence will create numerous problems that will negatively impact your grade in the other sections, such as academic honesty and demonstration of breadth of research. A complete list of sources helps keeps your research honest and organized, and helps you demonstrate your ability to locate and utilize scholarly resources.

Make sure you focus on scholarly sources that focus on your topic. This also includes the use of several primary documents. If there are few scholarly sources and an obvious reliance on websites even if they are from reliable institutions, it limits the depth of your research. Another limiting factor are sources that appear to be not quite related to your topic. i.e. If you topic is Hitler's rule but the majority of your books focus on Wiemar Germany, which would be about his rise, then it appears your focus is off.

Using Online Research Tools

Student Examples of Works Cited Pages

Sample Works Cited