Sturgis History IA Information


Sturgis provides access to Questia School, an awesome online library and academic research databases. Use your school e-mail address and the password "sturgis" to log in. Hint: Change password once you've logged in the first time.

It's Awesome!: Many IAs have been completed using only Questia (or close to it).

Sturgis Libraries

For help on how to cite online database articles obtained through the Sturgis Library, use this excellent and brief guide for Turabian style. Scroll down to the "online articles" section, pg 3.

Sturgis Academic Honesty Policy

Please review our school's academic policy prior to beginning your research project and once again prior to submitting your final paper.

Final Submission Requirements

General Formatting

The following formatting is required for written I.B. eCoursework for History. This ensures the work can be easily read on-screen by examiners.

  • Create on a Google Document. Name Your File Using This Format: LastFIHistoryIA (no space or underscores)
  • Do NOT include your name or candidate code anywhere on the document. (The only place your name will be included is the file name.)
  • Use Arial (a sans serif font) font size 12
  • Line Spacing: 1.5 or Double. (Footnotes and Works Cited Entries are single spaced with ONE blank line in between entries)
  • Numbered pages

Specific Formatting

Ask your teacher for guidance on how to specifically format each section. They may even have a Google Doc template to share with you. If they don't have a preference, follow the example below.

Submission Requirements

  • Digital Submission: Once completed be sure to SHARE the final document with your teacher.
  • Paper Submission: Ask if your teacher requires a paper copy to grade. (Mr. Hyer does NOT)

History IA Formatting Example

LastFHistoryIA Example

Completed History IA Example

Completed IA Example